From Flight Attendant X: My toe just got stuck in some unidentifiable goo on the floor in my room. I refuse to get down and smell it for the sake of the research department.

Maybe They Forgot The Bleach

A “heavenly” robe at a hotel in So Cal with several, what appear to be dookie, stains on it. I love my fucking job.

  1. Lisa Moon: Ew. However I'm thinking since is near the face this is likely makeup?? I *hope* it's makeup... Never using hotel…


I caught this at a strip hotel that is very nice and very old. The oldest on the strip. Figure that one out. Little white crusty borders where blobs of something creamy white had landed on the carpet.

Peek A Boo

From a flight attendant stuck in a La Quinta: Peek~a~Boo! Cigarette burn in the shower curtain. Bad enough their shower curtains look like they got a good deal on 600 million extra yards of circus tent material. Holes in them creep me out.

‘Tis The Season To Sit Down And Shut Up

Starting a 5-day trip today with layovers in Orlando, Atlanta, Sarasota, and Milwaukee. Need to prepare myself. It’s going to be all of the holiday idiots traveling these next few days. I envision it to go something like this: PASSENGER: “Do you have a place I can stow my 10[…]

She Said “Pecker Track”

From a hardworking F.A. who is working the Thanksgiving holiday: “I thought it was safe to pull back the sheets. When I did, I got a good view of pecker tracks in the middle of the king sized bed. Luckily housekeeping was on our floor and she changed all the[…]

An Actual Dang Blog

This is my first blog on the website. I’m going under X because the carrier I work for would unceremoniously push me out an exit row window if they knew I was drinking and blabbing. I have a great job. I meet many many classy people, so please return for[…]

New Meaning To “What An Ass Wipe!”

Lovely. I spend a day in a tube with a senior crew member who needed to tell me her medical history going back to the era of the Wright Brothers, and then I slam, click and lock and find this wash cloth specimen. How do you MISS this? I’m going[…]

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