World traveler, connoisseur of wine and wings, documenter of filth, she can smile while serving you watered down Sierra Mist just as easily as she can disable you and have you secured to the seat with plastic ties.

Military charter flights are the most pleasurable flights for me to work.  They are so kind, respectful, and grateful for everything I do.  The verbal exchanges with them are so sweet and fun.  And of course, looking at them in uniform isn’t so bad either.  What they don’t know is the admiration that I have for them.  To try and even THINK about what they go through is not even possible.  The physical and mental challenges that they must face just blow my mind.  I have such great respect for these special angels that protect my freedom every single day.


A TV Version Of “Out Of Order”

A TV Version Of “Out Of Order”

When you have a day of delays, cancellations and lost luggage this is not the message you want to see when you finally get to your hotel. The engineer put it succinctly, "It's broken."

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