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What $5.43 A Night Will Get You In India

From a travel blogging couple named Lisa and Greg whose siteis –   Hotel Maria, Sudder Street, Kolkata, India. Rs250 ($5.43USD ) total 2ppl double bed w/private toilet. This place is hard to rate only because it was recommended by a lady we had met at the airport and[…]

What a $5 hotel in India looks like

From our friends at Mojo Trotters I want to find the little lying bastard who told me the for $5 you can get a good, clean, comfortable hotel room anywhere in India. He should suffer for warping my expectations in such an inhumane way. This is what you get for[…]

  1. jennifer: I feel filthy just looking at this.

Satans Gravy

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been a fan of biscuits and gravy. But this grease frappe at a non-chain hotel breakfast area in Indiana would have sent Oliver Twist running away screaming and flailing his skinny little orphan arms.

  1. Jessie: That actually looks really yummy

  2. weaselspleen: Looks fine to me.


From a flight attendant staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, India: I don’t think this toilet has been properly cleaned since the 80’s.  Or perhaps it has and the guest before me just drank the tap water.  Either way… GROSS!

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