Hotel Nightmares | just when you thought it was safe to pull back the sheets...

Hotel Embassy Suites

A Royal Flush

From a traveler with his family checking out colleges in Massachusetts: “My wife and I checked into our room first and our daughter went to the bathroom and I heard a loud ‘EWWW!’ and went to see what was up. My phone had a hard time focusing on water but[…]

Hotel Foil

Death Row Last Breakfast

From an international traveler: “I once flew to London for a lunch meeting with a client at an upscale private club. He had the server bring his food back because ‘the presentation is sorely lacking’. And this was my Holiday Inn breakfast this morning. Clive would not have approved.”[…]

Hotel Brown Stain

And A Stray Pube As A Bonus

There’s nothing like taking the bathmat off the rim of the tub, laying it out and finding two suspicious brown stains on it. But the icing on the filth was a pube that was kinda curled up and embedded in the ‘mat. Hard to see film but it’s there. At[…]

Hotel Microtel Quincy

We Have Some Leakage

Think about it: we have all spilled something while in a chair or on a couch. Stains are limited to the area between your legs and up near the front. This far back??? At a Microtel in Quincy, Illinois. Like this:Like Loading…

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