Hotel Nightmares | just when you thought it was safe to pull back the sheets...

Hotel Microtel Quincy

We Have Some Leakage

Think about it: we have all spilled something while in a chair or on a couch. Stains are limited to the area between your legs and up near the front. This far back??? At a Microtel in Quincy, Illinois. Like this:Like Loading…

Hotel Shower Booger

Shower Snot

From a flight attendant: More boogers on shower wall. Doubletree , Houston Hobby. Dammit, getting really tired of boogers on walls. Like this:Like Loading…

  1. Dannyboy666: Who Does This , a Display Of What Is Inside Your Nose, what inner child obsesses about this disgusting habit.

Hotel Toenail

Like Little Needles In The Carpet

From a business traveler in Colorado: “I wasn’t sure what it would be that would finally max out my patience with dirty hotel rooms, but climbing out of bed in the morning and stepping on someone’s old toe nail clippings was it. I just went Neandrathal on the front desk[…]

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