Hotel Nightmares | just when you thought it was safe to pull back the sheets...


Like A Little Bloody Caterpillar

From frequent contributor and major stock holder in Purell, Flight Attendant X who says, regarding this blob of bloody snot on the vanity of the first class lav: “I don’t paid enough to clean up this shit”.


Groups You Want To Avoid On The Road

There are things you learn with travel. If you’re in any snow-weather zone, especially in markets with rural outlying communities, never ever get a pool-side room on weekends. Long story but the Holidome will be rocking with unsupervised kids as the parents sit on their little faux patios and drink[…]


Coming Soon To Guantanamo

I imagine who was ever strapped down to this ironing board and tortured, spilled his guts and ratted out everyone he’s ever met: Months ago when I was asked to emcee the film festival in Sutter Creek. I decided to book a room so I would not have to drive back[…]

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