Hotel Nightmares | just when you thought it was safe to pull back the sheets...

Hotel Des Moines

Why Germaphobes Hate Math

Even if you don’t have issues with germs, you still probably would not choose to linger long, thinking about the revolving door occupancy of an average hotel room. Let’s say that the room you’re in tonight mirrors the US hotel occupancy rate projected for 2014: 63.8%. That translate to 233[...]

Hotel Jurtzman

Bed Blood

For $400 a night, you’d expect some fresh cut flowers, turn down service, maybe a fruit basket. Blood drops in the pillow are usually not the concierge list of perks for valued guests.

Hotel Mackinaw Blood

NCIS: Clarion

Blood on a bed. Is it fair that flight attendants who deal with this crap on the job should have to find it when they’re on a romantic getaway with their sweetie?

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