When The Front Desk Effs Up

When The Front Desk Effs Up

So a couple secrets themselves in a New York City hotel room in the afternoon for some private time. Meanwhile, downstairs, the desk clerk accidentally gives a guest checking in a keycard to their room. The new guest, fresh off a LONG flight from Las Vegas rolls his case upstairs and encounters a Do Not Disturb sign. Huh. That’s weird. Maybe housekeeping missed it. And the key works so let’s just head on in….followed by screams and profanity and shrieks of terror.

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    Something similar happened to me, except I got my room numbers mixed up and tried entering the wrong room. I always thought that each keycard was individually programmed for specific room numbers. Not so, at least not in my case. I used my keycard to open up what I thought was the correct room. As I entered the room I noted luggage on the floor that didn’t look familiar. As I walked further in I looked at the bed and to my horror saw someone in there who I didn’t recognize! Fortunately the person was asleep and wasn’t engaged in any private activities. I quickly and quietly snuck out of the room. I informed the person at the front desk about what happened, but she didn’t seem very concerned about it. I’m always extra cautious now to make sure that I remember my room number!

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