If Chairs Could Talk

From a casino hotel near Reno where a guest took a break trying to stumble back to their room and caught their breath on a chair in the lobby. They then stood up, turned around, puked all over this chair and then headed off to their room as if nothing[…]

Pubey, Or Not Pubey

From a holiday traveler who chose a Best Western rather than sleep in her sister’s house with 7 children under the age of 10. At Christmas. “How does one of those hairs end up on a faucet. Actually, I don’t want to know. But I got a new and upgraded[…]

  1. Claire: If that's a pube then I'm Mickey Mouse...

stained upholstered chair

Stained Chair

Sheraton Laguardia East; a dime-sized stain perfect positioned between where two legs would be on a chair in room 1209. Food or wine drippings? Perhaps. I forgot my luminol on this trip.

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