door blood smear

Door Smear

From 1st Time Contributer, Long Time Listener, Nick Cain: An ‘upscale’ hotel in southern Ohio. I can only assume someone was locked IN their room. They fought bravely to escape.

bloody carpet

Doorway Blood

Now, since there’s an Italian restaurant in the hotel, it’s entirely possible that someone tripped bringing room service through the door. But since I have an active imagination, I’d prefer to think it was a mob hit. Witness in hiding get a knock at the door, looks through the peep[…]

couch stain

Couch Stain

Marriott/Dallas, 10/17/11. Couple of interesting things happening here. Easily could be spilled soda or food items but Flight Attendant Xput it best: “When in doubt, it’s probably semen.” Words to live by.  

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