Like A Little Bloody Caterpillar

From frequent contributor and major stock holder in Purell, Flight Attendant X who says, regarding this blob of bloody snot on the vanity of the first class lav: “I don’t paid enough to clean up this shit”.

Hotel Shower Booger

Shower Snot

From a flight attendant: More boogers on shower wall. Doubletree , Houston Hobby. Dammit, getting really tired of boogers on walls.

  1. Dannyboy666: Who Does This , a Display Of What Is Inside Your Nose, what inner child obsesses about this disgusting habit.


Sheet Snot

From Flight Attendant X. Snot on the sheets at the Holiday Inn/Historic District in Philadelphia. But it was a Trifecta: urine stained mattress and hair on the pillow case.  

snot spot on wall

Snot Spot

This is what I get for giving up after two hours of waiting in the lobby and asking for “A room. ANY room.” This would be a pencil eraser sized blob of snot on the wall. Somewhere on International Drive, Orlando, July 2011.  

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