A Small Electrical Problem

Something burned. Something melted. Something leaked. @thestufftheydontteachinshopclass Submitted by a couple on a move to their new home in Colorado. Somewhere in Illinois.

Along Came A Spider

A flight attendant at a hotel in Milwaukee found this little bugger lowering itself down to join her in bed. Shrieks and hairspray sent it RAPIDLY back up to safety on the ceiling.

The Most Jacked Up Drapes In The Hospitality Industry

Lots of travel delays, got in late and when I went to pull the curtains closed I noticed that on the outside, facing out the window, were long strips of duct tape placed all over the fabric. Huh. This morning I found out why: the shades are so old and[…]

A Hairy Scary End Of A Long Day

From a travel industry employee: “You work a 15 hour day, equipment delays, cancellations, quarrelsome coworkers and this is what I’m greeted with when I finally click-and-lock at midnight”

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Two blotches of something “red” on the wallpaper at an Embassy Suites. Generally blood turns rust color, and it scares us that we know this, but we’re still leaning on blood due to the skeezy location of said hotel.

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