Body hair on the napkin. Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas.

Room Service Hair

Got my little wicker basket with a toasted bagel wrapped up in a napkin to keep it toasty…lifted the napkin…voile’. Body hair that I doubt was from a head or chest. Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas.


Sheet Snot

From Flight Attendant X. Snot on the sheets at the Holiday Inn/Historic District in Philadelphia. But it was a Trifecta: urine stained mattress and hair on the pillow case.  

  • pillow covered in hair
  • floor hair hotel albuquerque


So my client asked me this morning, “How’s the hotel? Not going to show up on that Facebook thing you do, is it?” I said no, that it’s great and moderately swanky. I just moved my pillow and the bed spread is covered with 1-2 inch semi curly dark head[…]

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