Will NOT Keep The Doctor Away

A little blue mold floating in the apple juice. “Upon waking up the next morning at 7:45 to the sound of someone hammering on the outside wall of our room, I went to take a look out the window to see what all the noise was about. I couldn’t see[…]

Shower Rod Rust/Mold

From Brad Koehn who has some amazing photography on his Flickr site. This is from the Wellesley Inn & Suites at the Atlanta airport. It has some pretty horrific reviews on Tripadvisor.

What a $5 hotel in India looks like

From our friends at Mojo Trotters I want to find the little lying bastard who told me the for $5 you can get a good, clean, comfortable hotel room anywhere in India. He should suffer for warping my expectations in such an inhumane way. This is what you get for[…]

  1. jennifer: I feel filthy just looking at this.

Water = Mold

A regular visitor to this site is an expert on water damage and the residual “stuff”  that comes with it, and offers this treatise on water damage and the sometimes glib attitude that hotels have towards it: Like you I travel extensively.  I should be around 250 nights in a hotel this[…]

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