Chair with blood in Vegas

Chair Streak

2013’s new marketing slogan from the Las Vegas Convention and Tourism Bureau: Come, play, party and remember, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas…especially that blood that you apparently “leaked” onto the chair in your hotel room. At the Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas

stained upholstered chair

Stained Chair

Sheraton Laguardia East; a dime-sized stain perfect positioned between where two legs would be on a chair in room 1209. Food or wine drippings? Perhaps. I forgot my luminol on this trip.

  • mestruation-stain-on floor tile
  • period stain on floor tile

Period Stain

The Shilo Inn at the airport in Boise. Idaho. Same state that Mark Fuhrman has a home. Blood drop on bathroom tile. Hmmm…am I being set up? Maybe I’ve begun to over analyze things. A blood drop with comet trail indicating it was dropped as someone walked towards the toilet.[…]

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