Hotel Princess Elevator

A Royal Elevator

All of these photos were taken at the Princess Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana — perhaps the worst and ugliest hotel I have ever stayed in. It bills itself as a fancy, four-star sort of place, but… the pictures do the talking.” Patrick Smith is an airline pilot, air travel blogger[…]

2013-02-13 19.43.46


Imagine if you will, 7:13 on a Saturday morning and the construction workers at the building next to your hotel are dropping large chunks of concrete and debris down a 16 story chute into a metal dumpster. You hear tumbling a pause and then a window rattling boom like an[…]

Hotel Dookie


This was submitted by Tyler B., a corporate trainer who checked into a Hilton Brand in Orange County and will forever have this image burned in his brain. “To their credit, they moved me immediately and upgraded me to a concierge level”

  1. Laura: I'd say it was worth it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for poop next time I check in to a…

Hotel Undies

Someone Went Commando

From “Anna”: I was staying in a Hilton. A HILTON. And was looking for a blanket in the drawers and found….. Someone’s used black panties. AND the hotel didn’t even take them away that night, but I did get free breakfast the next morning. So there’s that at least.

Hotel Laquinta

Peek A Boo

From a flight attendant stuck in a La Quinta: Peek~a~Boo! Cigarette burn in the shower curtain. Bad enough their shower curtains look like they got a good deal on 600 million extra yards of circus tent material. Holes in them creep me out.

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