It’s Yellowish Brown And It’s On Your Pillow

From a traveler who was having a bad morning: they missed his wake up call, the there was no hot water in the shower and as he threw clothes in his bag, he noticed that the pillow he’d slept on was smattered(TM) with some kind of yellow/brown fluid.

Run. Away.

From a traveler who had some problems and they only got worse when he found this hotel in Othello, Iowa: The room was disgusting. Two out of the three chairs had massive stains of unknown origin that covered almost the entire seat, and one up the back and arms. The bed[…]

Nice View

“One of a series of photos were taken at the Princess Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana — perhaps the worst and ugliest hotel I have ever stayed in. It bills itself as a fancy, four-star sort of place, but… the pictures do the talking.This is the view” Patrick Smith is an[…]

Pee Puddle

Great hotel. Outstanding service. Wonderful employees. Killer location. Very hip vibe. And then you pull back the spread and it appears that it’s been a bladder dumping site for at least a few guests. Aloft/Charlotte Epicenter.

The Trifecta: A Pube, A Head Hair & Blood

I feel like I hit the Daily Triple. From left to right: a curly black hair, a head hair and a tiny drop of plasma that points to OJ. Another reason you never want to pull back the cover spread unless you’re truly ready for it. At the Orleans in[…]

One, Pube, Free

This is the sixth-body-hair-in-the-sink photo which leads me to believe that a lot of weird stuff is happening in the hotel bathrooms other than the usual stuff. From S.K. at a Hilton brand in Denver.

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