Sheet Snot

From Flight Attendant X. Snot on the sheets at the Holiday Inn/Historic District in Philadelphia. But it was a Trifecta: urine stained mattress and hair on the pillow case.  

white spot on upholstery at dirty holiday inn

Rorsarch Tryst

I call this Rorsarch Tryst. I see….a sad clown on a sunny day…a squirrel with a basket heading to market…my mom….President Woodrow Wilson…my mom…and the guy who played “Rick” on Magnum PI. You? A Holiday Inn in Ottawa.  

blood stain on pillow holiday inn

Bloody Pillow

You would have thought that the maid would have caught the dime-sized blood drop on the pillow when arraying them on the bed after making it up for the night. At a Holiday Inn in Memphis.  

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