Mattress Puke

At an airport Holiday Inn. Suggestion: never pull back the bed spread until you’re checking out because do you REALLY want to know what you’re about to sleep on?


Sheet Snot

From Flight Attendant X. Snot on the sheets at the Holiday Inn/Historic District in Philadelphia. But it was a Trifecta: urine stained mattress and hair on the pillow case.  

white spot on upholstery at dirty holiday inn

Rorsarch Tryst

I call this Rorsarch Tryst. I see….a sad clown on a sunny day…a squirrel with a basket heading to market…my mom….President Woodrow Wilson…my mom…and the guy who played “Rick” on Magnum PI. You? A Holiday Inn in Ottawa.  

blood stain on pillow holiday inn

Bloody Pillow

You would have thought that the maid would have caught the dime-sized blood drop on the pillow when arraying them on the bed after making it up for the night. At a Holiday Inn in Memphis.  

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