Funky Phones In El Paso (soon to be the name of an Alt band)

From a flight attendant on layover: True story. Last night/this morn there was a loud party somewhere on our floor. When I finally got tired of being woken up time and again I called front desk about 3 am to complain. This phone had an ODOR to it, a HORRIBLE odor[…]

There Probably Wasn’t Much Of A View Anyway

From a flight attendant on layover in Corpus Christi. She blames the opaque window crud on: “salt air and the petrochemical plants on every street corner.”

  1. tired dog: Correct, it's the delightful 'coastal / industrial' atmosphere that dissolves metal, turns plastic into crumbly bits and given enough time…

Sun Light; Filth’s Worst Enemy

Literally exposed by the harsh light of day: the world’s filthiest counter top at an airport Westin. It looked fine, I opened the curtains when I checked and the setting sun it it JUST right. Yech.

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