nasty things under hotel bed

Treats under the bed

The Hilton Lauderdale, submitted by a travel industry friend: I found all sorts of treasures under my bed last night: Wadded up gum wrappers, pistachio shells, and what appears to be a (POOP)stain on the carpeting. It was like sleeping on top of a dumpster. I was just waiting for[…]

bloody carpet

Doorway Blood

Now, since there’s an Italian restaurant in the hotel, it’s entirely possible that someone tripped bringing room service through the door. But since I have an active imagination, I’d prefer to think it was a mob hit. Witness in hiding get a knock at the door, looks through the peep[…]

white spot on carpet

White Spot

To paraphrase William H. Macy’s character from “Wag The Dog”: I know there are three things to be true – there is no such thing as good flan, there is no war in Albania, and there is never such a thing as a good white crusty spot next to a[…]

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