There Probably Wasn’t Much Of A View Anyway

From a flight attendant on layover in Corpus Christi. She blames the opaque window crud on: “salt air and the petrochemical plants on every street corner.”

  1. tired dog: Correct, it's the delightful 'coastal / industrial' atmosphere that dissolves metal, turns plastic into crumbly bits and given enough time…

Nice View

“One of a series of photos were taken at the Princess Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana — perhaps the worst and ugliest hotel I have ever stayed in. It bills itself as a fancy, four-star sort of place, but… the pictures do the talking.This is the view” Patrick Smith is an[…]

One, Pube, Free

This is the sixth-body-hair-in-the-sink photo which leads me to believe that a lot of weird stuff is happening in the hotel bathrooms other than the usual stuff. From S.K. at a Hilton brand in Denver.

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