Hampton Inn’s are usually our go to place to stay when we travel. The price is good, the rooms are clean, the service is excellent….not this time. The phone cord was broken, the mini fridge basically fell out of its cabinet hole anytime we opened the door, but that’s not the worst. I’m pretty easy going, but this I could not tolerate. While I was walking in the bathroom I stepped on something sharp and when I looked down, IT WAS A TOE NAIL! Needless to say I was pissed and went straight down to the front desk. I raised my voice a little and cursed some at the manager, we paid over 100 bucks a night and we work hard for our money. Call me a Karen, I don’t give a damn, that’s f**kin gross. After asking me “What would you like me to do?” Gee I dunno, maybe give us a nail free room where shit works! She switched us to another room….so far so good, we’ll see. 🤬 PS not my strand of hair either.

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