Hopefully It Wasn’t Really Critical

This is a first: a pill left behind by a previous guest. At an airport hotel in the Twin Cities. The pill was flushed after a lot of contemplation. It was Saturday night. I was bored. What the heck?

A Headboard High Five

From a flight attendant with an anonymous airline on a layover. There are many possibilities about how it got there, but as with Trivial Pursuit, your first guess is probably the right one.

The Movie Was Rated PeeGee!

A reminder that  filth can migrate to places like cineplexes: “Going to see Marry Poppins. I picked the lucky seat. Filled with URINE(someone else’s). Didn’t see it in the dark(pic taken with flash). And, now I am in a different seat with wet yoga pants and 10 toilet seat covers[…]


It’s never a good sign when the previous brand’s shuttle van is sitting, abandoned, broken into and rusting in a corner of the parking lot. “Holiday Inn” can barely be seen through the paint. At a Marriott in San Antonio.

Lesson? Don’t Look Under The Ice Bucket

This is just weird, and unusually disturbing. A flight attendant on layover in Jackson, MS picked up the inevitable ice bucket sitting counter in the bathroom and found some false eye lashes.

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