The Movie Was Rated PeeGee!

A reminder that  filth can migrate to places like cineplexes: “Going to see Marry Poppins. I picked the lucky seat. Filled with URINE(someone else’s). Didn’t see it in the dark(pic taken with flash). And, now I am in a different seat with wet yoga pants and 10 toilet seat covers[…]


It’s never a good sign when the previous brand’s shuttle van is sitting, abandoned, broken into and rusting in a corner of the parking lot. “Holiday Inn” can barely be seen through the paint. At a Marriott in San Antonio.

Lesson? Don’t Look Under The Ice Bucket

This is just weird, and unusually disturbing. A flight attendant on layover in Jackson, MS picked up the inevitable ice bucket sitting counter in the bathroom and found some false eye lashes.

Classy: Gum On The Wall

Probably a smart move not to chew gum in bed, so why not just stick it on the wall where you can retrieve and pick up where you left off the next morning? At the Hotel Ibis in Belo Horizonte

I Think That’s Called “Brackish”

From a Holiday Inn brand in northwest Mississippi. The guest was informed on arrival that all of the water in town was brown because of cypress tree roots, but that it was fine to drink…as they loaded her up on bottled water.

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