That Is One Big Bug

From a displaced business traveler who got dislocated to a suburban hotel because of a corporate snafu. “There was this GIANT bug in the bathroom light. You could see it’s antenna. That’s gross.”

“Things That Bug Me” for $500, Alex

From a visitor to a major weekend autoshow event that drew 200,000 people. to the Twin Cities. “There’s nothing like stepping into the bathroom, turning on the coffee, turning on the water and then unrolling the bathmat to find a half inch long bug crawling around.”

Blood? Dookie? Does It Matter?

Someone was leaking in a non-chain hotel in Ohio.

  1. L'appel Duvide: Forensic Decon here. Blood in hotel tubs is common. Hotel bathtubs are suicide hotspots. I wish I was joking.

Bathe At Your Own Risk

Just a tiny amount of blood or maybe even a scab, in a hotel bathtub in Louisiana, disintegrating down to little comet trails of dried plasma. It’s minute but do you want that in the tub when you run a bath after a long day?

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