An OCD Nightmare In Porcelain

I don’t have issues with “order” and things having to be just “right” and aligned, but I focus grouped this on my OCD friends and it freaked them the bleep out. At the Four Point Sheraton at O’Hare.

Pee Me A River

An Embassy Suites in LA where the bathroom floor had seemingly not been mopped since the era of the Black Dahlia. This tidal flows starts at the toilet and makes it halfway to the sink before drying up in the desert sun.

What a $5 hotel in India looks like

From our friends at Mojo Trotters I want to find the little lying bastard who told me the for $5 you can get a good, clean, comfortable hotel room anywhere in India. He should suffer for warping my expectations in such an inhumane way. This is what you get for[…]

  1. jennifer: I feel filthy just looking at this.

You Say “Urea”, I Say “Uriah”…

This is incredibly disappointing. There was literally four decades of urine splatter next to the toilet where the uric acid had eaten into the tile and created a collage to honor thousands of men with bad aim. It was absolutely surreal and wouldn’t “pop” on camera.

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