Blood? Dookie? Does It Matter?

Someone was leaking in a non-chain hotel in Ohio.

  1. L'appel Duvide: Forensic Decon here. Blood in hotel tubs is common. Hotel bathtubs are suicide hotspots. I wish I was joking.

Shower Snot

From a flight attendant: More boogers on shower wall. Doubletree , Houston Hobby. Dammit, getting really tired of boogers on walls.

  1. Dannyboy666: Who Does This , a Display Of What Is Inside Your Nose, what inner child obsesses about this disgusting habit.

Grate, And Not So Great

This possibly explains why the person who submitted this shot from a hotel in Reno, has been suffering crushing headaches and allergies since checking into his room.

That Came OUT Of The Shower?

From a flight attendant on layover. After she showered she noticed all of the dirt particles that had accumulated on the floor of the tub. She swears it wasn’t on her when she got in, it wasn’t there WHEN she got in, so that pretty much leaves one conclusion.

Hairy Scary Shower Handles

From a Flight Attendant working on Thanksgiving: Bad enough I am flying and coming down with the FLU. So I was not too observant before stepping into shower this time. Almost through with shower and I then see this. Since I had not eaten anything today it was just dry heaves.Looks[…]

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