That Sure Clears Things Up

“A 1000 hotel rooms and finally, a Marriott in Texas, helped me figure something out that even eight years of college hadn’t helped me solve. The hundreds of laptops and cell phones I’ve had stolen over the years. If only I’d know how to work the connecting door to the[…]

What $5.43 A Night Will Get You In India

From a travel blogging couple named Lisa and Greg whose siteis –   Hotel Maria, Sudder Street, Kolkata, India. Rs250 ($5.43USD ) total 2ppl double bed w/private toilet. This place is hard to rate only because it was recommended by a lady we had met at the airport and[…]

The Most Jacked Up Drapes In The Hospitality Industry

Lots of travel delays, got in late and when I went to pull the curtains closed I noticed that on the outside, facing out the window, were long strips of duct tape placed all over the fabric. Huh. This morning I found out why: the shades are so old and[…]

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Come In…

Someone really wanted in. Submitted by a flight attendant who said “Screw it” with latching the door and just curled up in a corner with a can of mace for the night. If you notice, the door has been kicked in about half an inch making it “off” and hard[…]

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