Hotel India Couple

What $5.43 A Night Will Get You In India

From a travel blogging couple named Lisa and Greg whose siteis –   Hotel Maria, Sudder Street, Kolkata, India. Rs250 ($5.43USD ) total 2ppl double bed w/private toilet. This place is hard to rate only because it was recommended by a lady we had met at the airport and[…]

Hotel Drape

The Most Jacked Up Drapes In The Hospitality Industry

Lots of travel delays, got in late and when I went to pull the curtains closed I noticed that on the outside, facing out the window, were long strips of duct tape placed all over the fabric. Huh. This morning I found out why: the shades are so old and[…]

Hotel Door Ajar

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Come In…

Someone really wanted in. Submitted by a flight attendant who said “Screw it” with latching the door and just curled up in a corner with a can of mace for the night. If you notice, the door has been kicked in about half an inch making it “off” and hard[…]

2012-09-30 18.55.15


The first two signs, maybe. The third? A reflection of the area.  I checked in and after being shuttled through kind of a sketchy neighborhood, asked the manager on duty, “I’d like to get a six pack of beer. How about that Chevron (maybe a football field away from the[…]

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