Shades Of “Silence Of The Lambs”

At an IHG brand near a major airport where a frozen traveler checking in at midnight made the mistake of looking up in the elevator. Something might have died on the roof of the car and started leaking in.

That Is One Big Bug

From a displaced business traveler who got dislocated to a suburban hotel because of a corporate snafu. “There was this GIANT bug in the bathroom light. You could see it’s antenna. That’s gross.”

Hopefully It Wasn’t Really Critical

This is a first: a pill left behind by a previous guest. At an airport hotel in the Twin Cities. The pill was flushed after a lot of contemplation. It was Saturday night. I was bored. What the heck?

That Is One Nasty Keurig

From a flight attendant on layover in Nashville: I took the machine down and called the manager, he said sorry and gave me 10,000 points for my discomfort. Sheesh talk about giving the guest a stomach cancer.

Toilet Seat Drippage

“The little black spot was just an imperfection or ‘ding’ but the odd drip stains were definitely from a previous guest”, courtesy of a business traveler in Raleigh.

Neil Young Was Right: Rust Never Sleeps

From a hotel where a guest went to the bar and asked for a couple of bottles of beer to go back to the room. The server asked if he’d like them in a bucket with some ice, so he said “Sure!” and was given a 1987-era Miller Lite bucket[…]

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