Planes & The People Who Fly On Them

Great Moments In Hotel Art

This inexplicable artwork was found on the wall at a Novotel in Ghana by Patrick Smith, a commercial pilot and amazing blogger. It’s almost like a Rorschach Test. Who sees their mom? If you haven’t subscribed to Patrick, do.

Airline Window Snot

Soon to be an Alt Rock band name. Spotted on a flight from Newark to Houston where someone sneezed a little and neglected to clean it up. It’s a little coagulated which means it’s not, well, something else that’s wet and red.

A Little Drive Up Puke

From a traveler who was walking out to their rental car in Detroit and saw the hotel shuttle pull up, a passenger stepped out and while waiting for their bag, inexplicably hurled on the pavement. Thanks to the temps, it was immortalized and still there the next morning.

The Classy Skies

From radio personality, world traveler and humanitarian who was fortunate enough to sit across from the gentleman on an Air Fiji flight.

The Glamorous Skies

From Flight Attendant X: I always dread checking the lavs at the end of flights. I wonder if Harry Dunne from “Dumb And Dumber” got dosed and was on-board.

nasty things under hotel bed

Treats under the bed

The Hilton Lauderdale, submitted by a travel industry friend: I found all sorts of treasures under my bed last night: Wadded up gum wrappers, pistachio shells, and what appears to be a (POOP)stain on the carpeting. It was like sleeping on top of a dumpster. I was just waiting for[…]


Our first room service pic. From Flight Attendant X who flies for a major airline and had this “bacon” delivered to her as breakfast.  It looks like something from the Abrasion Room at a leper colony.

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