New York

Poop Or Blood? That Is The Question.

From a radio industry professional on vacation at a major brand hotel in Tribeca, NY. Even when he posted the shot of this towel to his Facebook account, the question is undecided. Face towels, generally, blood. Bath towels, usually dookie. Editorial opinion.

Second Hand Smoke

From a major hotel chain’s hallmark property in NYC where the room full of Asian tourists in the next room were smoking so much, that it didn’t just pollute the hallway, it came through the vent into another guests’ room: “It was thick. I took the towel, put it over[…]

That Came OUT Of The Shower?

From a flight attendant on layover. After she showered she noticed all of the dirt particles that had accumulated on the floor of the tub. She swears it wasn’t on her when she got in, it wasn’t there WHEN she got in, so that pretty much leaves one conclusion.

Night Light? No. Fright Light.

So much filth and dirt and bacteria and uncategorizable crap in this Manhattan hotel bathroom nightlight that it’s just best not to even wonder WTF is all in there.

Things Germaphobes Don’t Want To Think About

Think about this: how many people use their hotel bathroom over the course of a year? People who may or may not wash after using the toilet and then flip off the light switch and go to bed. And then….look at this bathroom light switch at a hotel near Laguardia[…]

  1. Tom Steele: I don't see it, what am I missing here?

When The Front Desk Effs Up

So a couple secrets themselves in a New York City hotel room in the afternoon for some private time. Meanwhile, downstairs, the desk clerk accidentally gives a guest checking in a keycard to their room. The new guest, fresh off a LONG flight from Las Vegas rolls his case upstairs[…]

  1. Gregg: Something similar happened to me, except I got my room numbers mixed up and tried entering the wrong room. I…

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