Las Vegas

Hotel Vegas Puke

I See Carrots

What happens in Vegas occasionally ends up on the floor of the walkway that connects the Luxor and the shops at Mandalay Bay.

  1. Claire: This is why I can't stand drunk people.

  2. Claire: I see a bean and some corn.

  3. L'appel Duvide: Is that bean with bacon soup? Seriously?

Hotel Flamingo Spooge


I caught this at a strip hotel that is very nice and very old. The oldest on the strip. Figure that one out. Little white crusty borders where blobs of something creamy white had landed on the carpet.

2012-10-20 20.16.33

The Trifecta: A Pube, A Head Hair & Blood

I feel like I hit the Daily Triple. From left to right: a curly black hair, a head hair and a tiny drop of plasma that points to OJ. Another reason you never want to pull back the cover spread unless you’re truly ready for it. At the Orleans in[…]

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