Hairy Scary Shower Handles

From a Flight Attendant working on Thanksgiving: Bad enough I am flying and coming down with the FLU. So I was not too observant before stepping into shower this time. Almost through with shower and I then see this. Since I had not eaten anything today it was just dry heaves.Looks[…]

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

From a very patient frequent business traveler: “I spotted this on the bathroom floor of my Springfield Suites when i checked in and just as an experiment, I made sure to walk around it and it was still there when I checked out two days later.”

There’s Some Sour Cream On My Hair

The day started with “Brian K’s” credit card getting slammed through a security breach at Target, he was bumped from his flight and with only some ATM cash had to book his hotel room in Nashville using points. So, when he finally got in 6 hours late, all he wanted[…]

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