Hotel Fly Cab

“It’s Like A Fruit Fly In The Cabernet”

An Alanis-like moment from a couple having a nice holiday dinner on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. “It was a really nice, upscale, 4 star chain hotel. Dinner was great but my wife was almost enjoying her second glass of cab and noticed this little bugger trying to climb out.”

Hotel Sabotaged Cup

The Old “Punch A Hole In The Cup To Surprise The Next Guest” Ploy

I actually respect 4th grade humor, but the person who submitted this photo from a hotel in DC didn’t feel the same way. I guess that an all night red eye, a quick hour of sleep, making coffee while you’re in the shower and then having the coffee you pour[…]

Hotel Foil

Death Row Last Breakfast

From an international traveler: “I once flew to London for a lunch meeting with a client at an upscale private club. He had the server bring his food back because ‘the presentation is sorely lacking’. And this was my Holiday Inn breakfast this morning. Clive would not have approved.”

2014-07-29 19.34.25

Satans Gravy

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been a fan of biscuits and gravy. But this grease frappe at a non-chain hotel breakfast area in Indiana would have sent Oliver Twist running away screaming and flailing his skinny little orphan arms.

  1. Jessie: That actually looks really yummy

Hotel Othello Apple

Will NOT Keep The Doctor Away

A little blue mold floating in the apple juice. “Upon waking up the next morning at 7:45 to the sound of someone hammering on the outside wall of our room, I went to take a look out the window to see what all the noise was about. I couldn’t see[…]

2012-11-28 04.23.13

There’s Some Sour Cream On My Hair

The day started with “Brian K’s” credit card getting slammed through a security breach at Target, he was bumped from his flight and with only some ATM cash had to book his hotel room in Nashville using points. So, when he finally got in 6 hours late, all he wanted[…]

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