A Whole Bunch Of Something

From a family on vacation who tries to explain: “Our daughter went to open the curtains when we checked in and just happened to look up to the little enclosed area where the drapes hang. We spent the rest of our stay trying to guess what it was. My wife[…]

Holey Curtains, Batman!

An airport hotel curtain in San Antonio where a LARGE strip was torn off the bottom so that this east-facing room lights up like the surface of the sun at 6:30 am.

The Most Jacked Up Drapes In The Hospitality Industry

Lots of travel delays, got in late and when I went to pull the curtains closed I noticed that on the outside, facing out the window, were long strips of duct tape placed all over the fabric. Huh. This morning I found out why: the shades are so old and[…]

Curtains From Hell

One of a series of photos that were taken at the Princess Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana — perhaps the worst and ugliest hotel I have ever stayed in. It bills itself as a fancy, four-star sort of place, but… the pictures do the talking. These were the curtains. Classy. Patrick[…]

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