Bugs and Crawling Creatures

“Things That Bug Me” for $500, Alex

From a visitor to a major weekend autoshow event that drew 200,000 people. to the Twin Cities. “There’s nothing like stepping into the bathroom, turning on the coffee, turning on the water and then unrolling the bathmat to find a half inch long bug crawling around.”

“It’s Like A Fruit Fly In The Cabernet”

An Alanis-like moment from a couple having a nice holiday dinner on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. “It was a really nice, upscale, 4 star chain hotel. Dinner was great but my wife was almost enjoying her second glass of cab and noticed this little bugger trying to climb out.”

That Fly Done Flew

From a hotel guest who woke up for an early check out to find that he’d had another roommate and that he/she/it passed away on the bathroom tile over night. He/she/it leave a wife and 14,000 eggs in the coffee maker.

Free Wifi, Truck Parking & Big Scary Bugs

From a mom on vacation with a daughter in Tucson: The bug was on the floor by the ironing board. Completely startled me. It was a good size bug and was twitching around a little bit. I wasn’t interested in doing the bug relocation program since I didn’t know if it[…]

What $5.43 A Night Will Get You In India

From a travel blogging couple named Lisa and Greg whose siteis funemployedtravelers.com –   Hotel Maria, Sudder Street, Kolkata, India. Rs250 ($5.43USD ) total 2ppl double bed w/private toilet. This place is hard to rate only because it was recommended by a lady we had met at the airport and[…]

Along Came A Spider

A flight attendant at a hotel in Milwaukee found this little bugger lowering itself down to join her in bed. Shrieks and hairspray sent it RAPIDLY back up to safety on the ceiling.

A Fly In The Ointment

Travel filth from China: large bugs in the liquid soap located in the restroom at the main entrance for the Leshan Giant Buddha in Leshan, China. From Jennifer with iputmylifeonashelf.com


From Mark: this little critter and many of its relatives have taken over my bathroom after I arrived to a clogged toilet and had to wait over half an hour for someone to come deal with it. Crown Plaza Cleveland South.

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