Coming Soon To Guantanamo

I imagine who was ever strapped down to this ironing board and tortured, spilled his guts and ratted out everyone he’s ever met: Months ago when I was asked to emcee the film festival in Sutter Creek. I decided to book a room so I would not have to drive back[…]

Bathe At Your Own Risk

Just a tiny amount of blood or maybe even a scab, in a hotel bathtub in Louisiana, disintegrating down to little comet trails of dried plasma. It’s minute but do you want that in the tub when you run a bath after a long day?

When Housekeepers Are Blind

There’s some stuff that can be missed, but to change the linens and replace a pillow case with one from a nose-bleeding hemophiliac is kind of amazing. From a hotel adjacent to a nightclub on New Years Eve 2015.

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