Shades Of “Silence Of The Lambs”

At an IHG brand near a major airport where a frozen traveler checking in at midnight made the mistake of looking up in the elevator. Something might have died on the roof of the car and started leaking in.

Hopefully It Wasn’t Really Critical

This is a first: a pill left behind by a previous guest. At an airport hotel in the Twin Cities. The pill was flushed after a lot of contemplation. It was Saturday night. I was bored. What the heck?

That Is One Nasty Keurig

From a flight attendant on layover in Nashville: I took the machine down and called the manager, he said sorry and gave me 10,000 points for my discomfort. Sheesh talk about giving the guest a stomach cancer.

Airline Window Snot

Soon to be an Alt Rock band name. Spotted on a flight from Newark to Houston where someone sneezed a little and neglected to clean it up. It’s a little coagulated which means it’s not, well, something else that’s wet and red.

A Little Drive Up Puke

From a traveler who was walking out to their rental car in Detroit and saw the hotel shuttle pull up, a passenger stepped out and while waiting for their bag, inexplicably hurled on the pavement. Thanks to the temps, it was immortalized and still there the next morning.

That’s One Contact Lenses That Won’t Be Going In Any More Eyes

Found by a business traveler at an airport hotel in Seattle, even if the person had spotted and retrieved it, how much cleaning solution would they have needed just to make it safe? In addition to laying in a field of dried urea, there were some “body hairs” accoutrements laying[…]

The Classy Skies

From radio personality, world traveler and humanitarian who was fortunate enough to sit across from the gentleman on an Air Fiji flight.

Cushion Spot

From a flight attendant on layover. An odd little spot, approximately RIGHT where someone would have been sitting, at an airport hotel near BWI.

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