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The Movie Was Rated PeeGee!

A reminder that  filth can migrate to places like cineplexes: “Going to see Marry Poppins. I picked the lucky seat. Filled with URINE(someone else’s). Didn’t see it in the dark(pic taken with flash). And, now I am in a different seat with wet yoga pants and 10 toilet seat covers[…]

The Weirdest Placement Of A Kid’s Urinal

In the public men’s room at a hotel conference center in Kentucky. For the uninitiated, the kiddy potty is usually on the far left. Sometimes on the far right. But this is something that you just don’t see. (And why are you lurking in a men’s room looking for urinanomalies?)

A Room With A View

Going to LA from Minneapolis in the dead of winter made me want to insure that I made the most of the scenery. From the 4th floor at an LAX hotel. A lot of people “in cars” on this back street andthe young men loitering in front of the liquor[…]

Room With A Boom

Damn. I’d specifically asked for a room with an oil storage tank in it, not a room “overlooking an oil storage tank”. Hampton Inn/Logan Airport

Tony Soprano?

Everything around JFK is pretty much a wasteland where you could totally imagine people getting whacked. This is the view from my hotel of the joint next door. Next to that? Auto compacting place, and then a methadone clinic and then a halfway house. Lots of people sleeping in cars[…]

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