Switchblades? Switch Hotels.

Hunter Quinn, a DJ at NOW-FM in Sacramento shares: My wife and I took a quick impromptu trip up to Reno to see Gavin Degraw, Matt Nathanson and Mary Lambert on Saturday night. We stayed at a 3.5 star hotel/casino up there and everything was mediocre as you’d expect, right[…]

Perhaps A Conditioner Fixation?

At a Radisson Blu in Denmark where housekeeping had the standard 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 lotion, 1 shower gel at check-in. The next day they were replaced by 1 lotion, 1 conditioner and 2 shower gels. Day Three? Conditioner. Lots of conditioner.

  1. Sara: What a nightmare

    • Lucifer: Couldn't agree more.

Maybe They Forgot The Bleach

A “heavenly” robe at a hotel in So Cal with several, what appear to be dookie, stains on it. I love my fucking job.

  1. Lisa Moon: Ew. However I'm thinking since is near the face this is likely makeup?? I *hope* it's makeup... Never using hotel…

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