Basic Rules When Picking Hotels

Don’t stay at:

* Any hotel that is advertised with a magnet on a van

* Has “VIP”, “Executive” or “Luxury” in the name.

* Boasts “internet” or “cable tv”.

* In Honolulu, is billed as “close to the beach”.

* Poolside rooms at a Holiday Inn on weekends in the winter in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin or The Dakotas.

* Has “#2” in the title, as in The Ramada Airport #2. It’s just too metaphorical.

* Markets “truck parking” as a key feature of the property.

* “Historic” often translates to “on it’s last legs”.

* Has a vinyl banner over the marquee with the newest name of the hotel.

Good Luck Sleeping

Good Luck Sleeping

From a flight attendant laying over in Cabo:

Went looking for an outlet for my phone & found this behind the bed… Two power cords to lamps spliced together with electrical tape & you can see where it had sparked at one point. Makes me wonder how many other rooms have this. If I die in a fire here, I figure someone should know what may have started it