I’m Filled With Confidence

Third mechanical delay in two hours at JFK, we finally are allowed to board passengers and in order there are two electrical issues that pop up as soon as everyone is seated. First, the recorded pre-flight announcement will only play the Spanish part. Que?! And then the lights in the[…]

When Electrolux Meets Flowbee

From Flight Attendant X – I would like to proclaim my absolute hatred for these types of hairdryers. Not only does it look like a vacuum cleaner or a Flowbee, but it takes me 25 minutes to dry my hair with this POS.

Basic Rules When Picking Hotels

Don’t stay at: * Any hotel that is advertised with a magnet on a van * Has “VIP”, “Executive” or “Luxury” in the name. * Boasts “internet” or “cable tv”. * In Honolulu, is billed as “close to the beach”. * Poolside rooms at a Holiday Inn on weekends in[…]

Good Luck Sleeping

From a flight attendant laying over in Cabo: Went looking for an outlet for my phone & found this behind the bed… Two power cords to lamps spliced together with electrical tape & you can see where it had sparked at one point. Makes me wonder how many other rooms[…]

  1. Jason: Omfg. I've never.....

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